On My Way To You
Shirley Eikhard
Independent SEM2021 (

Internationally renowned award-winning Canadian songwriter, lyricist, singer and multi-instrumentalist Shirley Eikhard is back with this collection of 12 songs dating from 1982 to present day. This is a fabulous overview of the creative artistic output of one of Canada's foremost musicians. Recorded in her home studio in Mono ON, Eikhard produced, arranged, recorded and performed all instruments and vocals here.

Opening track Anything is Possible (2020) is a positive, engaging song. Eikhard sings lead and backup vocals above repeated cadential pattern instrumental grooves and uplifting minimalistic melodies with such lyrics as "I refuse to be frightened," and closing line "anything is possible...", making my COVID fears miraculously vanish! Title track On My Way to You (2019) has a more traditional folk feel with longer phrases, guitar accompaniment and colourful sultry vocal tones.

Great contrast is Good News (1982) showcasing her superb keyboard skills and lyrical singing. Especially powerful are the detached piano chords and vocals to the words "I wish I could bring you good news" while in the Good News reprise track (also 1982) her lyrical keyboard and vocal duet is passionately tear-jerking. The so-current, pop-music-flavoured What I Wish (For You) (2021) features an amazing wind solo. Bound to be a giant hit, My Final Chapter (2020) is a rhythmic up-beat dance and singalong song with such attention-grabbing lyrics as "I am not angry anymore."

Another all-encompassing, riveting musical masterpiece from Shirley Eikhard!

-- Tiina Kiik, The Whole Note

"Offering a special tribute to the increasingly popular Bossa Nova which celebrates its 50th year anniversary, veteran Canadian songwriter, vocalist and musician extraordinaire, Shirley Eikhard provides a masterpiece performance with "Riding On The 65", her latest self-produced release that glows all over".

-- Edward Blanco, (Florida, USA journalist)

"Her dreamy voice and lyrics captivate with original tunes about romance and the environment".

-- Ashante Infantry, The Toronto Star

"This is a collection of well-arranged, from-the-heart influenced numbers from one of Canada's finest songwriters. What makes this worthy of recommending is Eikhard's blending of styles, which include her own pop sensibilities mixed with a flirtation of jazz."

-- Andrew Matte, The Regina Leader Post

"She possesses a jungle-gym range and the ability to negotiate it, a perfectly controlled vibrato and a sense of dynamics that heightens the audience's awareness of lyrics."

-- Mark Andrews, Vancouver Sun

"A hell of a voice - clear, powerful and expressive".

-- Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen

"A dark-edged voice that wears a Sarah Vaughan sheen and intonation that hints at Cleo Laine and Carmen McRae".

-- Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

"Her voice never misses a colour, tone or shade and she is always in command of both the stage and the audience."

-- Dave Mullholland, Ottawa Citizen

"Eikhard both writes and performs with great depth".

-- Patricia Myles, JAZZ TIMES

"Shirley Eikhard has one of the best, deepest, sultry voices around. She's dynamic".

-- Lisa Priest, Ottawa Citizen

"A first-class composer and lyricist."


"A fine CD (The Last Hurrah, 2000) from an original talent who deserves to be heard".

-- Bob Doull, Calgary Straight

"As close to art as jazz with a touch of pop gets"

-- Stephen Pedersen, Sunday Herald

"Eikhard unleashes her vivid imagination scripting wonderfully eclectic prose to sweeping melodic themes. Easy on the ears and heart."


"The Last Hurrah illustrates the remarkable songwriting talent that she possesses, as well as her ability to present these songs in the most sympathetic light."

-- Marshall Bowden, JAZZITUDE

"This Cd will give the listener the chance to see inside the moods of a first-class composer and lyricist. (The Last Hurrah CD)."

-- John Gilbert, JAZZ REVIEW

"The inspiration, ability and polish Shirley Eikhard brings to songwriting are equal to her performance. She gets deservedly filed next to Ellington in my collection."

-- Roger Viner, PLANET JAZZ